Sponsor Engagement

Most ideas spring from a way to solve an existing problem, enhance some process or fulfilling of a latent need. Often, the idea may fill the needs of an organization, without the ideator even being aware of it. At candorHUB, we act as matchmakers between startups with an idea and a sponsor seeking a solution.

Our sponsor engagement program revolves around creating a ‘win-win’ situation for both, startup and sponsor. As a startup you gain from funding and a framework within which your idea needs to work. The sponsor gains a solution that meets a specific need. Besides acting as a facilitator, we will monitor the whole process to ensure a fair deal for both. We intend to launch a digital platform in the near future that enables startups and sponsors to come together for mutual benefit.

Currently we use a process of startup speed dating that invites ideas for which we find a sponsor. Startups are also invited to offer their solution for a specific sponsors need.

For questions on Startup Speed Dating, please write in confidence to ask@candorhub.in

Workspace option for your startup @ Trinity Metro Station