An initiative from Candor Management Services at Trinity Metro Station ( BMRCL )
Work Space

Desk Space on an hourly basis that offers the convenience of workspace as and when needed.

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We take applications from graduates and working professionals for setting up their start-up. After matching the demand from the start-up with a qualified sponsor, we engage start-up minds in contests that can solve issues of apotential sponsor body. We believe in connecting the right minds with the right funding organization to help achieve better results...

  Sponsor Engagement

Getting financial assistance is one of the first hurdles that a new entrepreneur may face. We collaborate with start-ups to find alternative financing sources that enable them to support them from their birth to seamlessly achieve their goals. Having an entity to bank upon and find faith in is every start-ups dream and we help you get there...


We believe that start-ups must have a strong value proposition to identify the target market, and segment it with easily identifiable criteria and outlines. Once this market is known, we will enable start-ups to reach them through the various channels.Our plan will help you articulate the value proposition and tap the market it resonates with...

  Go to Market

We combine our insights with practical expertise to make available many support services and promote entrepreneurship to improve access, reduce inefficiencies, lower costs, co-own responsibilities, and enhance QoS. These are linked with sponsors, mentors, investors, accelerators, and well-designed training programs. With a vast palette of services, we believe in providing start-ups with several options they can choose from...

  Support Services

We help you climb the success ladder through our leadership programs that cultivate and nurture outstanding entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and innovators that eventually lead the top start-ups. During the program, you can pitch for investor demo days, and build relationships with growing numbers of entrepreneurs in your areas of interest.We will help you bridge the knowledge gap and gain better insight into the world of start-ups...

  Events and Training Programs

A shared desk that enables team members (Max 7) to work together on a daily basis.