Moving up the learning curve is an essential part of the startup process. At candorHUB, we provide opportunities to fill knowledge gaps through a range of training programs and learning events. With the aim of meeting the varied needs of startups at different stages of evolution, we group our programs under three categories:

  • Introductory
  • Extension
  • Enrichment

The structured programs take the form of workshops, seminars, webinars and conversation. The knowledge areas we seek to supplement span market strategies, marketing, human resources, financial operations and funding, including the tools you need to operate successfully.

One of the key areas of our development programs is leadership training. This, because being an innovator, founder and entrepreneur requires strong leadership skills. As part of the program, you get opportunities to pitch for investments and develop relationships with the investor community interested in your sector or category of operation.

If you believe your startup has what it takes to succeed, join our chalk talk programs and discover the fast route to growth.

Workspace option for your startup @ Trinity Metro Station

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