Sure, you have a bright idea and you are willing to put your heart and soul behind it. But, you need much more to turn it into an enterprise. And that ‘more’ is exactly what you receive when you get 'mentored' by leading entrepreneurs and domain experts.

We select entrepreneurs based upon recommendations of a selection panel constituted exclusively for this purpose.

Start-ups will normally graduate from our incubation center after POC-MVP stage.Upon graduation, we will enable start-ups to find an appropriate place to take it to the next level. 

Our incubation program operates in 3 stages and as your startup graduates through each stage, you will move closer to becoming a successful enterprise.

  • POC-MVP Stage (Months 0-4)
  • Seed Stage (Months 4-9)
  • Accelerator Stage (Months 9-12)

We chose a mentor to fit your startup’s growing needs.  They will offer guidance, constructive criticism and support and will be there as your startup goes through its birth pangs to reach the critical POC – MVP stage.

By then, you may have already outgrown the space available at candorHUB, so we will help you find a suitable place and the incubation program will move on to next stage.

As a part of our efforts to incubate startups, we regularly conduct ‘Ideathons’ that help collaborate learning opportunities and promote innovation and leveraging of ideas.

So what are you waiting for . Reach out and share your idea with us. Your idea could well become the one chosen to make a positive difference to our growing society.

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